2019 Holiday Party Style Guide

2019 Holiday Party Style Guide

Posted by Surell Accessories on Dec 20th 2019

The holiday season is upon us and you know what that means, parties everywhere! Planning the perfect party outfit isn’t easy, so here’s a quick guide on the best fur accessories to go with your holiday look.

Ornate Headbands

Sheared rabbit headband with jewel band in black

Want to kick your look up a notch? Look no further because ornate headbands in this season! Complimenting most holiday styles, from a classic little black dress to an eccentric red velvet jumpsuit, ornate headbands are the perfect accent that adds a touch of sophistication to any holiday look! Our Sheared Rabbit Knit Headband with a Jewel Accent is a necessity for any formal holiday party. Made from the softest rabbit fur and adorned with an ornate jewel, this headband will be sure to turn heads!

Comes in black, cadet blue, wine, and navy. Available for $89.99.


Faux Fur Sparkle bandin black

Add some shine to your holiday wardrobe with sequins! Another holiday classic that never fails to disappoint. Having a sequined accessory handy will add some fun and some shine to your outfit! Our Faux Fox Bling Band Earmuffs feature a sequined band that will keep you warm and styling on your way to any holiday party!

Comes in black/black, black/grey yellow tip, and white/natural blue. Available for $38.99.

Bright Colors

Leather Gloves with Faux Fur Cuff in Fuchsia

Bring some festivity to your holiday party with bright colors! The holiday season is all about having fun and what better way to do that then dressing up in some cheerful accessories! Our Leather Gloves with a Faux Fox Cuff in Fuchsia brings the perfect pop of color to any holiday party outfit while keeping warm and comfortable. 

Comes in black/fuchsia and black/coyote. Available for $59.99.