3 Essential Style Tips For Pisces

3 Essential Style Tips For Pisces

Posted by Surell Accessories on Mar 5th 2021

Happy Pisces season! Those born during the 12th astrological sign are the spiritual dreamers of the signs. Pisces often have a whimsical and creative spirit which can be projected through their fashion style. Whether you’re a Pisces yourself or just want to embrace your inner dreamer, check out these super cute Pieces style tips!

Overall Style

Flowy, Earthy, and Soft

Creative and imaginative, the Pisces sign loves expressing themselves through their clothing. Loose pieces express their free spirit and willingness to just go with the flow! Comfortable yet fashionable accessories are perfect for the pisces sign. Our Faux Fur Poncho just screams artistic and gentle Pisces.


Purples and Blue/Greens

The Pisces color palette matches the earthly nature of the sign. Purples light the night represents the Pisces’ laid-back nature, while teals and sea foam green show off the water element of the sign. Our purple frost Rex Rabbit Headband perfectly captures the color of the Pisces!


Nature Prints

The soft natured sign of the pieces are often drawn to nature based patterns. To embrace the patterns of the Pisces sign, try bohemian like styles similar to our Delft Scarf in Black.