3 Of Our Favorite Fur Looks From Classic Christmas Movies

Posted by Surell Accessories on Dec 24th 2019

1. Barbara Stanwyck’s Mink Coat from Christmas in Connecticut (1945)


The infamous garment that made S.Z Sakall illicit the phrase “Nobody needs a mink coat but a mink” is an infinitely classic look from an infinitely classic film. Designed by Milo Anderson and Edith Head, this look encapsulates the elegance and style of 1940’s fashion through a timeless garment. Barbara Stanwyck, who plays Elizabeth Lane, is the author of a magazine column entitled “Diaries of a Housewife”. Upon finding success as a published writer she chooses to reward herself by purchasing a beautiful mink coat. It serves as a symbol of success and independence that women in that day were rarely allowed, which is what makes this look so iconic.

2. Gale Storm’s Leopard-Print Fur Hat and Coat from It Happened on 5th Avenue (1947)


Lorraine MacLean designed this gorgeous winter coat and hat set. In a film about showing compassion for others, and the joining together of the wealthy and the poor to share common struggles and empathize with each other, clothing has a huge impact on its message. This is illustrated perfectly through the stark contrast of Gale Storm’s leopard print fur outfit, and her father’s who is pretending to be poor on his daughter’s request. The use of clothing in this film to show the outward differences of people who learn to come together is brilliantly done. As fur coats were the ultimate symbol of wealth and status in the era, Lorraine Maclean did an extraordinary job choosing to design and heavily feature this beautiful fur winter set.

2. Bing Crosby, Danny Kane, Rosemary Clooney, and Vera-Ellen’s Santa inspired from 

the finale of White Christmas (1954)


Designed by the infamous Edith Head, these Santa Clause inspired outfits are undisputed masterpieces. Between the bright colors, sequins, giant brooches, and of course the fur, these 4 outfits are the epitome of great Christmas fashion. The pure white muffs adorned with holly brooches, worn by Rosemary Clooney and Vera-ellen, as well as the extravagant Santa hats worn by Bing Crosby and Danny Kane, stand out as the ultimate fur accents in this iconic set of costumes. Amongst all of the incredible, intricate, and unique designs Edith Head so brilliantly brought to the table in White Christmas, these outfits stand out as true Christmas classics.