5 Fur Inspired DIY Halloween Costumes

5 Fur Inspired DIY Halloween Costumes

Posted by Surell Accessories on Oct 12th 2022

October is here and it is time to decide what you want to be for Halloween! Whether you want to be the talk of the office without breaking the bank or you want to stand out with your own DIY costume we have the perfect ideas for you!

Doing it yourself is the best way to create a stand out costume that is easily put together and still impressive. The other benefit is you can use the individual items you buy throughout the year! To start our fur inspired costume list this year we took inspiration from one of the biggest shows of the year House of the Dragon.

Olivia Cooke in House of the Dragon.Ollie Upton/HBO

We love this look worn by Queen Alicent Hightower and it’s relatively simple to put together. You’ll either need natural red hair or a red wig. From there a green floor length dress with gold accessories. This outfit is complete with the fur accents. Our Faux Fox Fur Stole is a beautiful piece that will complete this look! This is sure to be a recognizable costume and putting your own twist on this complicated queen is bound to get compliments!

The next costume idea is a classic but is always fun to evolve and pull off! A Halloween staple you can go as a cat! Now if you’re going as a black cat you need to grab one of our Real Mink Fur Cat Ear Headbands. This headband is not only super cute and soft but will add a touch of realism to your cat costume that basic cat ears just can’t.

 Not all cat costumes have to be black though and we love the idea of taking the cat costume to the next level by playing with the colors! Our Fox Fur Tail Keychain comes in light pink and we think a pink cat would be a great twist on the regular cat costume. This keychain can easily attach to your belt loops to give you the look of having a real tail!

Next we’ll go to an iconic character who is known for wearing fur! Disney’s Cruella Devil is an iconic villain. Cruella is a fun Halloween costume because you really get to focus in on the colors you use in this costume. You can make any kind of Cruella for any occasion just by using black and white accessories and red gloves! Our top suggestions from our closet are our Rex Rabbit Fur Knit Headband in Black and White as well as our Mink Dog Keychain as an extra touch to represent Cruella and the dalmatians! This dog keychain even comes with a black or white pom so you can make sure it fits your evil vibe.

Now think Pink for our next DIY Halloween Costume idea! Winter Fashion Barbie! The new Barbie movie with Margot Robbie will be coming out soon and we think you can be ahead of the trend by dressing as Barbie for Halloween. By focusing on a winter fashion Barbie you can be stylish and warm! Our favorite pink items are our Long Haired Rabbit Ball Scarf in Light Pink. This scarf is not only adorable but super soft and fluffy and is a perfect bubblegum pink. Add our pink Faux Rex Earmuff to this look to really make it feel like you're a Barbie who just stepped off the ski slope. Finally no Barbie is complete with our bag and we suggest our Rex Rabbit Fur Handbag in light pink with gold accents! 

Our final costume idea is the queen of earmuffs herself! Chanel #3 from Scream Queens. Now this Fox series only lasted two seasons but the characters that came out of it have survived into pop culture today! Chanel #3 is played by Sadie Swenson! This character is so fun because all you need is any stylish outfit from your closet in pastel colors and matching set of earmuffs! Our Long Haired Rabbit Earmuffs come in a multitude of colors to easily match to any of your Chanel #3 inspired costumes!

Well that's all our ideas for this year. If you have a different Halloween Costume idea involving fur send it to us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! If you use any of our accessories in your Halloween Costume make sure you tag us in the pictures so we can share in your style and imagination! Finally if you post a video of your costume on TikTok make sure you are following us and tag us @surell_accessories so we can cheer you on!