Aquarius Fashion Tips

Aquarius Fashion Tips

Posted by Surell Accessories on Jan 18th 2023

Aquarius Fashion Tips

Aquarius season starts up this week! According to Aquarius reins from January 21st - February 18th! Aquarius is a sign ruled by two polar opposite energies: Uranus and Saturn. This makes it the perfect time to unleash your inner rebel and ask questions about how we’re told we should dress!

Try something new or outside of your normal fashion zone. Read on to figure out how to channel your inner Aquarius through your outfits!

Best Colors for Aquarius

There are a lot of fashionable colors you can wear when dressing like an Aquarius. According to Any Time Astro the following colors are lucky for Aquarius season and will give you better luck with power, success, and love!

  • Blue- Is the Aquarius power colors and will make you feel and appear more confident!
  • Light Blue - Is the spirit color and will make you appear more in touch with your inner self.
  • Light Blue / Purple - These colors are considered lucky and are more likely to bring you success when a part of your everyday wardrobe!
  • Burnt Orange / White - These are the colors designed to make you lucky in love for 2023!A woman with brown hair is wearing faux fox fur earmuffs in natural blue with a white sparkly band. A headband for a woman or girl that is soft and fluffy and is a dark navy blue.

These colors drive positive energy and are designed to help relax your soul. Try our Faux Mink Hairband in Navy or our Faux Fox Earmuffs in Natural Blue to add a touch of luck, power, and success to your everyday outfits!

Best Fabric for Aquarius

Aquarius’ are individuals who are always questioning things and looking towards the future! To channel aquarius energy in your fashion you need to wear a fabric just as unique as you. We recommend fox fur!

Not only is fox fur a fun and fluffy texture but it makes you stand out from the crowd. Whether you choose to rock luxury fox fur earmuffs or go even bigger with a fox fur neck loop you are going to stand out from the crowd and define your own style!

a woman wearing a fox fur headband in blue frostA woman wearing Surell Accessories Leather Gloves with Blue Frost Fox Fur Cuffs

You can even match our leather gloves with fox fur trim with one of our fox fur headbands in blue frost to keep your color palette and bring an entire outfit together!

Combining these colors and fabrics will lead to you showing off your inner rebel and leading to new and inventive outfits! Shop our real and faux fur accessories and tag us @surellaccessories on Instagram when showing off your Aquarius inspired look!