Earth Day

Earth Day

Posted by Surell Accessories on Apr 23rd 2021

Happy late Earth Day! Although we believe every day should be Earth Day, we always like to take this time of year to reflect on the fashion industry’s impact on the environment. By wearing real fur accessories, you can be as environmentally friendly as you are fashionable. Unlike synthetic fur, real fur is organic material so it will eventually break down and biodegrade. Showing off your favorite pieced items is another way to stay environmentally conscious. Our pieced accessories are made entirely from leftover scrap pieces, so no material is wasted. Feel good about what you’re wearing and check out some of our pieced fur accessories below!

Pieced Shearling Gloves

These classic black Pieced Shearling Gloves are a total wardrobe essential for winter and chilly spring and fall days. Made from leftover pieces of real shearling, these gloves are made with a very small carbon footprint. These gloves can be worn with any casual outfit for more warmth and more style of course! Pair these with a simple outfit to really capture the essence of the classic black glove.

Pieced Rabbit Fur Oversized Pull-Through

Our gorgeous Pieced Rabbit Fur Oversized Pull-Through is the most fashionable way to stay eco-conscious! From casual to formal, this pieced accessory will work with any outfit for any occasion. Wear this unique scarf with an all white ensemble to really make it stand out. Add a bold red lip for a classic chic look.

Pieced Sheepskin Suede Gloves with Rex Rabbit Fur Cuff

Stay green in these black Pieced Sheepskin Suede Gloves with Rex Rabbit Fur Cuff! These gloves, made from pieced shearling, will elevate any fall or winter look. Pair these real fur gloves with a gray turtleneck, black vest, and jeans for an ultra cute ensemble.