Gorgeous Grandma Day!

Posted by Surell Accessories on Jul 23rd 2021

To all the grannys, nannas, gran grans, grandmoms and grandmas- happy Gorgeous Grandma Day! This amazing holiday was created by Alice Soloman to honor the grandmas in our lives and celebrate the fact that beauty goes beyond age. To honor this gorgeous day, we’ve made a list of three incredibly gorgeous grandmas and and their best fashion looks!

Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren

The 21st greatest female star of classic Hollywood and grandmother of four, Sophia Loren is living proof that age is just a number! Sophia was seen at the David de Donatello awards wearing an amazing sequined dress by Giorgio Armani, and we are absolutely obsessed with her look! At 86, this gorgeous grandma is the picture of elegance.

Catherine Deneuve

Catherine Deneuve Catherine Deneuve

Actress, model, producer and grandmother of five, Catherine Deneuve isone of our favorite models! At the age of 77, this gorgeous grandma became a face of a January 2021 campaign for Saint Laurent. The stunning Deneuve can be seen on the left wearing a luxurious fur coat over a simple, yet stunning ensemble. The image on the right shows a young Catherine Deneuve wearing a super cute bow dress with a matching bow headband. This gorgeous grandma’s style just can’t be beat!



Who would have thought that one of the world’s most fashionable women is a 93 year old? Baddiewinkle is a stunning internet star who found her fame at the age of 85! This gorgeous grandma just proves that anyone can achieve their dreams no matter the age. Baddiewinkle is truly a fashion icon to women of all ages.

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Sophia Loren

Catherine Deneuve (left)

Catherine Deneuve (right)

Baddiewinkle (left)

Baddiewinkle (right)