Happy Earmuff Day!

Posted by Surell Accessories on Mar 12th 2021

Today we take the time to celebrate the creation of one of our favorite accessories - earmuffs! Earmuffs were invented in 1873 by a fifteen year old child named Chester Greenwood. He came up with the idea when ice-skating as a way to keep his ears warm. We celebrate National Earmuff Day on the 13th of March each year as it is the day Greenwood officially gained a patent for the idea. Now what’s the best way to celebrate this fun holiday? Wear your favorite pair of earmuffs tomorrow of course! Check out these funky earmuffs below for some earmuff styling tips.

Fox Fur Earmuffs

Fox Fur Earmuffs

How cool are these Fox Fur Earmuffs in multi? If you’re someone who wants to really stand out from the crowd, these are the earmuffs for you! Pair these funky earmuffs with black leather pants and a bright red jacket for a super fun Earmuff Day look!

Faux Fox Earmuffs with Studded Band

Faux Fox Earmuffs

If edgy is more your style, try out these Faux Fox Earmuffs with Studded Band. This gorgeous faux fur accessory would look amazing worn with a cute cropped denim jacket and high waisted leggings. So perfect for showing off your love for earmuffs!

Mink Fur Earmuffs with Halo Band

Mink Earmuffs

These Mink Earmuffs with Halo Band are the perfect way to celebrate Earmuff Day with elegance! For a super chic look, wear these earmuffs with black jeans, a cropped fur jacket and big sunglasses.