How to Celebrate World Smile Day

How to Celebrate World Smile Day

Posted by Surell Accessories on Oct 1st 2021

Happy World Smile Day everyone! Every year we dedicate this happy day to smiles and acts of kindness. Want to celebrate, but don't know how? Don't worry - we got you covered. Keep reading to find out how you can help spread smiles and kindness throughout the day!

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  1. Random Acts of Kindness

Keep your eyes peeled today for ways you can implement some brightness into someones day! Compliment a stranger on their outfit or thank a hard worker for everything they do. Simple acts of kindness are a great way to spread smiles and cheer. 

  2.  Volunteer

There are countless organizations and charities that are always looking for some extra help. Donate your time to people in need. Volunteering is an amazing activity to do in your free time, and it builds an amazing sense of community! Check with your local senior centers, libraries, and/or food banks to see how you can help.

  3. Do Something You Love

Do something that makes you happy! Taking some time for yourself and doing the things you love, can have such a positive effect on you and to others! Happiness and smiles are contagious, so why not start the trend yourself?