Is Real Fur a Sustainable Choice?

Posted by Surell Accessories on Nov 29th 2019

A push for sustainability in the fashion industry is everywhere! Cheap, synthetic clothing is degrading the environment at a breack-neck pace and changes are on the horizon. One solution to this is real fur. Believe it or not, fur plays a huge role in environmentally friendly fashion.

Although choosing to invest in a real fur piece is expensive, it brings with it a long list of benefits. Not only is it durable and long-lasting, but natural fur is also completely organic and biodegradable. When it’s time to get rid of an old piece of fur fashion, you can easily bury it. This process is great for the environment and provides fertilization for the ground! It’s one of the only materials that gives back to the environment at the end of its life-cycle, and doesn’t just end up in a landfill.

Another environmental concern in fashion is in the production of clothing. The process of producing fur items is significantly less harmful to the environment than other materials. Preparing and dying plastic based materials releases a lot of harsh chemicals and pollutants into the air. However, the production of real fur is completely carbon neutral. The process of dying and cleaning the fur requires very gentle chemicals which produces no harm to the environment!

There are pros and cons to every choice that we make when it comes to fashion. But when it comes to sustainability, fur is king!


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