Look Cool while Staying Cool!

Look Cool while Staying Cool!

Posted by Surell Accessories on Jul 22nd 2022

It’s nearing the end of July, and we’re sure you are all aware of the current heat wave we’re having. We hope you are all staying safe and cool out there in the heat! While we know it’s hard to stay cool while still looking cool, here are some of our favorite ways to stay cool and fashionable!

Invest in a Wide Brimmed Hat

Keep the harsh UV rays off of your face and out of your eyes with a cute wide brimmed straw hat! Adding a chic straw hat to your outfit on hot summer days will not only be the accessory completing your outfit, but it will help skin damage and aging in the long run. Straw hats are our summer favorites because they keep the sun of your face while not being an overly hot hat. Try our Raffia Straw Floppy Sun Hat, or Paper Straw Boater Hat with Ribbon!

Wear Your Hair Up!

If you’re keeping your long and/or thick hair down in the summer, you’re just asking to overheat! We know it can be tempting to keep your hair long and flowing in the summer, but having all that coverage on your neck is like wearing a scarf. Our favorite hairstyle for keeping cool is braiding your hair in two dutch braids while it is still wet/damp. This way your hair will keep you nice and cool during the day, and you will wake up with gorgeous waves in the morning!

Wear the Right Colors

Wear light colors – no black! We know this is an obvious tip, but it’s such an important one to reiterate. Black clothing absorbs sunlight and therefore makes you a lot hotter. Try wearing cooler tones like white or pastel colors!