Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year

Posted by Surell Accessories on Feb 12th 2021

Happy Lunar New Year! Out with the metal rat and in with the metal ox! We’re hoping for 2021 to be an especially lucky lunar year. Did you know there are ways to improve your luck just by the way you’re dressed? Keep reading for some tips and tricks to be extra lucky this lunar new year!

Wear Red


Red is the luckiest color to display during Chinese New Year celebrations. In Chinese culture, the bold color represents luck, joy and happiness. It is also believed to ward off evil, which is why many Chinese brides wear red. Because this is the year of the ox, if you were born in the year of the ox, you’ll be extra lucky this year if you wear red! 

Do Not Wear All Black and/or White

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In Chinese culture, black and white are colors of mourning, so they are not the colors to be displaying on this festive holiday! If you do however choose to wear black and/or white, make sure to balance out these negative spirited colors with pops of bright colors.

Only Wear New Clothes (Except Shoes)

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New year, new you, new clothes! Showing off newly bought clothes during the celebrations of the lunar new year represents a new start. If last year wasn’t your best, take this time to start fresh and new! This is the perfect excuse to buy your favorite surell accessories you’ve had your eye on! Save buying new shoes for a later time though; new shoes represent a bumpy new year!