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What Earmuff is Right for You?

When it comes to earmuffs there are an incredible amount of options to choose from. Band, fur, and color all play important roles in the final look and feel of the earmuff. The possibilities are endless, so how do you know which one is right for you?


Mink Earmuffs with Halo Band in Black

Mink Earmuffs with Halo Band

Available for $150.00

When it comes to bands, our two staples are the halo band (all fur) and the velvet band. Both are made out of soft materials so they stay warm and comfortable while being worn. The velvet band is black, about 1.25” wide. There is a skinny option as well, about 0.5” wide. The all fur band makes more of a statement, being about 2” wide and much more visible when worn. There are also statement bands with studs and sequins that add something different to the typical band.


Sherpa Earmuffs with Halo Band

Faux Sherpa Earmuffs with Halo Band

Available for $38.99

Our earmuffs come in a wide variety of different furs. From rex rabbit to faux fox, there’s a type for everyone. The fox and faux fox fur styles have long hair, giving them a fluffy look. Rex rabbit and faux rex earmuffs have short hair, making them more subtle and plush. Long hair rabbit earmuffs are in-between. While the hair is long, it stays flatter than the fox earmuffs and has a silky look. The faux sherpa fur is soft and curly which makes them fun and unique.


Fox Earmuffs with Velvet Band in Blue Frost

Fox Fur Earmuffs with Velvet band

Available for $125.00

You can’t go wrong with a classic black or brown, but it’s always nice to get some variety when it comes to colors as well. Navy, fuschia, pink, blackberry, and black cherry are some of our more eye-catching colors. Black, grey, blue frost, and brown are our classic colors, which are versatile and can match any winter outfit. 

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