Taurus Fashion Tips

Taurus Fashion Tips

Posted by Surell Accessories on May 14th 2021

Taurus season is here! From April 20th to May 20th, it’s the time of the Taurus, so why not capture the Taurus aesthetic and try dressing like one? Those born under the sign of the Taurus tend to be gentle, sweet and authentic and they never like to settle for anything less than the best! Whether you’re a Taurus, Sagittarius, or any sign in between, the Taurus style is definitely a fun style to try. Check out some tips for Taurus fashion below!


Greens and Pastels

Those born under the sign of the Taurus have an earthy energy about them. The color green, the color of plants, represent growth and the circle of life, thus making it the power color of the Taurus. Other powerful colors for the Taurus are pastel shades. Try wearing a little green with every ensemble and feel the earthly energy!


Leather or Pleather

The hardworking and practical Taurus is symbolized by the bull. What’s better at expressing your inner bull than showing off your favorite leather or pleather accessories? These Leather Gloves with a Fox Fur Trim paired with a cute Pleather Pig Keychain is the perfect way to summon your own Taurus energy.

Overall Aesthetic

Those born under the Taurus sign are often resourceful, hardworking, and most of all practical. The Taurus woman’s ideal outfit is comfortable yet fashionable, all while maintaining a high quality ensemble. Simplicity and elegance is a fashion must for the Taurus. A practical a lush tote bag like surell’s Rex Rabbit Fur Shoulder Bag is the perfect way for a Taurus to carry all of her essentials. Other accessories like these Mink Earmuffs are luxuriously timeless pieces, making them amazing additions for any Taurus.