The Best Accessories for a Cold Valentine’s Day

The Best Accessories for a Cold Valentine’s Day

Posted by Surell Accessories on Feb 14th 2020

Valentine's Day is already here and what better way to celebrate than going out with a loved one. Whether it’s with friends, family, or a significant other, it’s nice to take a day and spend time with the important people in your life. But in the dead of winter it can be hard to find a way to incorporate festive Valentine's Day pieces into your outfit. Here are a few accessory ideas to build up your Valentine’s wardrobe:

Red Fur Accessories

Rex Rabbit Heart Earmuffs with Velvet Band

Rex Rabbit Fur Heart Earmuffs with Velvet Band

Bring some love into your outfit with red fur accessories. Red compliments a wide array of colors including black, gray, white, and even yellow and pink. With red being a staple of this holiday, adding one of these accessories will match anywhere you go and keep you warm on the way!

Swanky Stoles

Fox Stole with Satin Lining

Fox Fur Stole with Satin Lining in Black

Faux or real, a stole can elevate your cold weather style for any occasion! It easily adds a sense of elegance to any outfit. As an added bonus, a classic black or natural blue stole pairs perfectly with traditional Valentine’s day colors such as red and pink.

Festive Fingerless

Faux Sherpa Fliptop Mittens in Chestnut/Beige

Faux Sherpa Fliptop Mittens in Chestnut Beige

Fingerless gloves and Valentine’s day are a match made in heaven. Running late on your way out? Texting while keeping your hands warm is made easy. Want to show off Valentine’s day nail art? Not only will these gloves allow you to do that, they’ll compliment them as well.