Tips for Surviving the Cold Snaps at Home this Season in Style

Posted by Surell Accessories on Nov 15th 2019

Winter gave us all a brutal wake-up call this week. It’s coming in full force and there’s nothing we can do to stop it! Before you hop on the next plane to Florida to wait this weather out, try out some of these tips to stay warm and cozy at home.

1. Grab a sweater and some sweatpants and bundle up.

The best way to start your battle against the cold weather at home is getting comfortable. What better way to do that than with a pair of sweatpants, or some warm pajamas! Snow storms give you the perfect excuse for loafing around in some cozy clothes. 

2. Make a hot beverage to warm up from the inside out.

Grab a hot mug of hot chocolate, coffee, or any other of your favorite hot drinks. This will put you in the right mindset for conquering the freezing weather coming your way.

3. Set up in a comfortable spot.

Set yourself up with some blankets and pillows and find a nice spot to relax. Whether it’s on the couch, bed, or rug, make sure you are comfortable.

4. Stay active with an activity.

Cold weather is the perfect time to break out a board game, puzzle, or do a craft. Make sure to keep yourself occupied and have fun! This is the perfect moment to spend some quality time with the people around you. If you start to feel anxious and need to take a walk around, this is the perfect time to get some cleaning done that you were putting off!

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