Top 10 Celebrity Outfits at Paris Fashion Week

Top 10 Celebrity Outfits at Paris Fashion Week

Posted by Surell Accessories on Feb 1st 2023

Top 10 Celebrity Outfits at Paris Fashion Week

It’s the Paris Haute Couture Week and dozens of celebrities attended the shows of top fashion designers to get a peek at their spring/summer 2023 collections! These celebrities are not to be outdone by the fashion around them. We picked our top 10 outfits worn by celebrities on and off the runway this week in Paris.

Number 10: Sofia Carson with Glitz & Fluff

Sofia Carson shined bright in this sequin and ostrich feather look for the Valentino fashion show. Appearing almost as a high couture disco ball we are obsessed with her bold use of shine!

Sofia Carson wearing a large sequined jacket with ostrich feathers at the Valentino fashion show in Paris

Image Credit: Page Six Style

This look is all about using the texture of the sequins and ostrich feathers to create movement.

We love the way natural materials like ostrich feathers move with you while you walk and that's why we love fur.

If you wanted a natural material that is just as big and fluffy you could try fox fur.

Our luxury fox fur headband creates a beautiful silhouette as well as adding volume and movement to any outfit!

Number 9: Christine Quin with The Wooly Details

Continuing on the trend of wearing natural materials we are absolutely obsessed with the sherpa accessories Selling Sunset Star Christine Quinn was wearing at the Schiaparelli show!

Image Credit: Page Six Style

Not only do her jacket and bag add texture but it adds movement to an otherwise completely flat black piece.

We are also partial to the gold accents because here at Surell you know we love black and gold.

We also have the perfect accessory to get a pop of black sherpa texture for your own outfit with our Faux Sherpa Flip Top Mittens in Black!

These gloves have a soft faux sherpa cuff around the wrist and the fingers and thumb and also come in a warm chestnut!

A great way to add texture to your outfit just like Christine.

Number 8: Courtney Love in a Monochromatic Dream

We love Courtney Love’s music, but we might love this violet monochromatic ensemble she wore to the Fendi show in Paris even more!

Image Credit: Page Six Style

Monochromatic looks are very in this season and can be a fun way to break out of your fashion rut.

No monochromatic look is complete without accessories to really tie it all together. No matter what color you are going for we probably carry it in one of our accessories.

Our luxury keychains come in all different pom colors so you can mix and match down to the smallest detail.

Let us know what color you are going to try and monochrome this year in our comment section on Instagram.

Number 7: Dove Cameron is Pretty in Pink

Dove Cameron looks like she stepped out of a fairy tale for the Giambattista Valli show. The volume in her sleeves in the dress is gorgeous and adds more movement to the look.

Dove Cameron attends the Giambattista Valli show during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 2023.

Image Credit: Page Six Style

We also love the added texture in the transparent layer of fabric. The top layer almost gives the appearance of lace which gives this dress a classic feel.

Classic fashion is something we value here at Surell. We love using vintage styles and expanding on them to create luxurious fashion accessories. A great example of that is our Mink Fur Cloche. This iconic and classic hat style looks amazing and is created with sleek and luxurious mink fur.

We are really enjoying the revival of classic style mixed with fun textures and colors of modern fashion.

Number 6: Naomi Campbell Walking with a Wolf

Our jaws dropped when we saw Naomi Campbell wearing an all-faux fur outfit with harsh lines and an entire faux wolf head while strutting the runway for Schiaparelli.

Image Credit: Page Six Style

This outfit is a mix of soft material with hard lines and looks straight out of historical fiction.

The faux fur falls and creates movement while she walks in the faux fur wolf head is definitely a statement piece.

While we use real fur here at Surell Accessories we also have a large selection of faux fur products for those who prefer the synthetic material.

Number 5: Noah Cyrus a Natural in Neutrals

We love a good beige, brown, or black here at Surell Accessories. Noah Cyrus rocked neutrals including a gorgeous beige trench coat at the Patou show during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 2023.

Image Credit: Page Six Style

If you love neutrals, fur is a great material to add more natural materials to your look.

Our Rabbit Fur Earmuffs, which are now completely made in the USA, are a great example of a natural fabric that comes in many different types of neutral colors.

We think a pair of our heather rabbit fur earmuffs would complete this look for a snowy day in NYC or Paris.

Number 4: Lisa Rinna Fluffy and Puffy!

We’ve been seeing ostrich feather accessories everywhere, but this is the first time we’re seeing a full-on feathery outfit. Lisa Rinna’s Ashi Studio show look is absolutely gorgeous!

Lisa Rinna attends the Ashi Studio show during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 2023.

Image Credit: Page Six Style

Ostrich feathers are so in this season and we’re hoping to get some killer ostrich feather accessories for our own collection.

Not only do they add more movement and texture to this dress but they highlight its interesting cut.

Combining the fluffy ostrich feathers with the puffy sleeves is such a fun and whimsical look.

Bigger is better this year in fashion and that's why we suggest an accessory like our fox fur earmuffs so you can add fluff to your winter looks.

Number 3: Jisoo Looking Light and Breezy

Jisoo looks beautiful and sophisticated in her all-white outfit with transparent sleeves to add flowing movement at the Dior show.

Jisoo attends the Dior show during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 2023.

Image Credit: Page Six Style

As we’ve mentioned before, neutrals are having a comeback this year. That includes crisp white clothing.

We’ve seen an increase in interest in our white sheared rabbit fur text mittens and our white faux fur headband.

These two items are both bright white and fluffy and a great way to experiment with adding pops of white to your winter looks.

Number 2: Kylie Jenner Roaring into Fashion

All eyes were on Kylie Jenner when she wore the house’s faux lion head to the Schiaparelli show during Paris Fashion Week. Not only did the faux lion head catch our attention but the black and gold snakeskin bag is just as eye-catching.

Kylie Jenner attends the Schiaparelli show wearing the house's polarizing faux lion head during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 2023.

Image Credit: Page Six Style

Kylie Jenner took a risk, and we think that's what fashion is really about. Sometimes you need to push yourself outside your comfort zone and try a new style.

The reactions to this look may be polarizing but everyone is talking about it. That's free publicity for you and your favorite designers.

If you're looking for a one of a kind item, check out our sample sale page where you can find some of our funky pieces!

Number 1: Anne Hathaway Sparkles in Leopard Print

We can’t be the only one’s obsessed with Anne Hathaway’s sparkly leopard print ensemble she rocked at the Valentino fashion show!

Anne Hathaway attends the Valentino show wearing head-to-toe leopard print during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 2023.

Image Credit: Page Six Style

You know we love leopard print whether it's our faux fur handbag or our faux suede gloves with spotted cuffs.

Not only is this outfit iconic but it's such a standout from the solids we see from so many other celebrities.

Anne Hathaway took a chance here and went animal print down to her tights. Each spot leads you through the look and makes the outfit fun and funky.

It’s the perfect outfit that we think all of our fans would love!

What did you think of our list? Is there anyone you would move or add? Let us know in the comments on Facebook and Instagram and feel free to reach out so we can help you find the perfect accessory to help you stand out this season!