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Fur Fashion Tips for the 19/20 Winter Season

The weather’s getting colder and we all know what that means. It’s time to bundle up! Whether it’s faux or real, fur is a prominent feature of winter wardrobes! Stay warm and stylish this winter by diving into some of the best fur trends of the 2019/2020 winter season. Following these simple fashion tips will make sure that as the temperature drops, your style will soar.

Wear Fur Outerwear, Everywhere!

Fur coats, throws, and stoles are an easy and trendy way to look and feel incredible all winter long. This classic style is back and ready to make you effortlessly chic! Whether you’re on the way to a show, party, or even the store this trend will make sure you’re feeling cozy all the way there and back.

Faux Fox Fur Stole

Faux Fox Fur Stole

A Natural Blue stole for a simple yet elegant look. Available for $69.99.

Don’t be afraid to get into a Color Fur-enzy!

How do you compliment a fresh bed of glistening white snow? Color, color, and more color! Bright, bold colors are a staple of any winter wardrobe this season. From bright fuchsia to deep blue, you’ll be sure to turn some heads. Into a more natural look? Not to fear! Earthy tones are in this season too. Go ahead and wrap yourself in a beautiful brown or a gorgeous gray. Combining these colors with different styles of fur can make for a more fun and playful winter.

Leather Gloves with Faux Fox Fur Cuff

Leather Gloves with Faux Fox Fur Cuff

Black leather gloves with fuchsia or coyote colored faux fur. These will give you a beautiful pop of color to go along with your winter look! Available for $59.99.

Be Pretty in Prints!

If you’re feeling adventurous this season then get ready for this untamable trend. Prints are appearing in full force this season. From classic tiger and leopard prints to sleek snake prints, you’ll feel like you’re a part of the most fashionable safari ride of your life. Add one of these pieces to your wardrobe for a pop of excitement or go all out!

Rex Rabbit Fur Earmuff with Velvet Band

Rex Rabbit Fur with Velvet Band

Treat your ears to some leopard spot earmuffs to help keep them warm! Available for $70.00.

Why Fur? A Reflection on the Classic Look That Persists.

A Brief Look at the History of Fur in Fashion Cold weather and fur have always been partners in crime. If one was there, the other was right beside it to keep the perfect balance between cold and warmth. From the earliest times of our existence we wore fur to protect ourselves from the weather. But [...]

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Slide into Style: Winter Accessories for Boys and Girls

Winter Accessories for Girl                                                                               Whimsical, fun, and warm, the Surell Accessories knit snowflake & heart beanie with a faux [...]

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Adorable Winter Accessories for Girls

Perfect Holiday Gifts for Any FashionistaSoft, adorable, and fuzzy, the Surell Accessories mink fur ice cream cone keychain adds vibrant color and fun to any young fashionista’s wardrobe.Add delight and playfulness to your style with the Surell Accessories mink fur ice cream cone keychain.With a bright pink furry top and gold chain and clasp, this [...]

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Men's Winter Accessories

Warm and rugged men's accessories for winter                                          Breathable, lightweight, durable, and warm, the Surell Accessories men's faux shearling cabbie hat is designed for any occasion.Old school with an iconic and modern edge, the Surell Accessories faux shearling [...]

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Fall's Newest and Most Stylish Vests, Capes, and Shawls

Add stylish outerwear to your winter wardrobe this season. Grab these plush and cozy wraps and capes for autumn.                       Sophisticated and elegant, the Surell Accessories plush genuine wool and fox fur shawl heightens any look this fall. This thigh-length shawl is perfect for those cooler fall nights [...]

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Wrap Yourself in Warmth this Fall!

                          Stylish and warm scarves for any occasion.The softest fox fur, this infinity loop scarf by Surell Accessories can be worn doubled up around the neck for extra warmth when the weather dips below freezing or as a stylish accessory. This ultra-soft accessory [...]

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Autumn Is Now Here!

Surell AccessoriesFrom warm and cozy hats to fuzzy earmuffs, our collection for kids has something for every budget and style.Wrap your little ones in style this cold weather season.Step up your kid's style this winter with the girls’ Surell Accessories faux rex fur earmuffs with a sparkly applique.Produced from the finest faux fur materials and [...]

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Step into September in Style with Faux Fur

When the temperatures dip this autumn season, there's no better way to stay cozy and look glam than with a few fashion-forward faux furry accessories. From solids and stripes to animal print and color blocking, step into style with some of these plush and soft faux fur Surell Accessories pieces.Fashion meets function with the Surell [...]

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Fall into Style this Season with Surell Accessories

Fall into Fashion this Autumn with Surell Accessories Limited Edition Collection Step into style this fall with the Surell Accessories Limited Edition Collection.    Wrap yourself in plush warmth this autumn with the women's Surell Accessories Rex Rabbit Textile Knit Poncho with Suede Fringe. Made with the softest and finest fur materials and top-notch craftsmanship, this luxe poncho [...]

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