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3 Interesting Facts about Knit Scarves

Scarves have become an essential accessory for any wardrobe, and any season! From lightweight silk scarves for the warm summer days, to thick fur scarves for the chilly winter days, scarves are everywhere! One of the most popular of these is the knit scarf. Homemade or high-fashion, these versatile pieces never fall out of style. But how much do you know about this quintessential fashion staple? Keep reading to find out more about this everyday essential.

1. There's a world record for the longest scarf knitted while running a marathon


On October 19, 2013, David Babcock knitted a scarf that measured just over twelve feet in length while running the Kansas City Marathon. He completed the marathon in under six hours. The previous record holder was Susan Hewers, who broke this record three times over at the London Marathon.

2. The 360 Knitting Clock knits one scarf every year


The 360 Knitting clock was designed and made by artist Siren Elise Wilhelmsen in 2010. It knits twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week with no rest. After exactly 365 days, the clock has knitted a scarf measuring two-meters in length and runs out of thread on it’s spool. This clock was created to make a physical representation of time, and when the spool is replaced each year it symbolizes the future that is not yet created.

2. During WWI, Knitting scarves was a patriotic war duty

While many went off to war, it was seen as the patriotic duty of those left behind to knit scarves, hats, and gloves for the soldiers stationed in cold areas. This saved the lives of many men in the army, since they had no other method of getting warm and dry clothes. 





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