Due to the recent passing of bill AB44 we are currently unable to ship real fur products to California.



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Q) Why has fur had such a long history of popularity?

A) Fur has such an extensive and lasting history because of its exceptional warmth and style properties.

People have been dressing themselves with furs for warmth for over 200,000 years, a key essential protection from the elements. Since then, fur has been integrated into our trends time after time and has become a timeless staple of fashion.[1]


Q) Real fur vs. faux fur, what’s the difference?

A) Real fur provides warmth and breathability. Fur is a natural, renewable, and sustainable resource, which maintains long-term ecological balance. Faux Fur is mainly made from a non-renewable resource: petroleum.[2] Real fur is a biodegradable material that after many years will begin to deteriorate, as where faux fur will not. Real fur also supports an industry of skilled artisans who rely on Earth’s natural resources and to continue traditions that are passed down from generations to generations. They are greatly invested in preserving and caring for the animals’ natural habitat as this is their livelihood. [3]

In contrast, faux fur is an excellent way to insure you are always on trend. The synthetic process used to create faux fur also continues to improve. Faux fur is easy to maintain; some garments can even be hand or machine washed. Faux fur can be stored in a cool, dry place all summer long.[4]


Q) Real fur or faux fur, which should I choose?

A) At Surell, we provide a plethora of both real and faux fur options; we believe everyone has a right to choose what to wear, whether real or faux fur. We provide all of the information necessary to make an educated decision on what best fits the wearers’ values and offer quality products to suit a variety of needs.


Q). What are the biggest misconceptions about fur?

A) The biggest misconceptions about real fur are the concerns about the treatment of animals. The truth about real fur is that the animals are not neglected or abused. Animal welfare is a top concern for the fur farmers. Providing animals with quality of life ensures that they have quality products to sell.

The fur industry represents approximately one-quarter of one percent of the animals used for food, clothing, and other purposes each year.

Another misconception is that animals are only used for their fur and then the rest is discarded. This approach would not be economical for farmers.[5]


Q) Can anyone wear fur?

A) Yes! Fur looks great on men, women, and children of all body types. Fur garments and accessories are always a trendy addition to any wardrobe.

Depending on your area’s climate, consider buying lighter fur garments like vests or accessories that can be worn all year long.


Q). Where can I learn about the latest Surell styles?

A) The easiest way to stay up to date on Surell’s latest styles is to go to the bottom of our website and click “Like us on Facebook” or click on the one of the other various forms of social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.


Q) What if the style, color or size I want is not available?

A) We make every effort to maintain an ample supply of our stock, but products may sell out or be discontinued. Please contact us directly at Surell either by phone (603) 242-7784 or by email if you have any questions about our products.


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