5 Fashion Trends We're Excited About in 2023!

5 Fashion Trends We're Excited About in 2023!

Posted by Surell Accessories on Jan 4th 2023

5 Fashion Trends We're Excited About in 2023!

1.Oversized Accessories!

It may not shock you but here at Surell Accessories we’re very excited about the trend of wearing oversized accessories! We love fluff and fashion here and our Fox Fur products are the perfect oversized accessories to keep you on trend!

Blonde woman in black shirt is wearing a pair of grey fox fur earmuffs with a black velvet band.

Earmuffs are a wonderful winter accessory and our authentic fox fur earmuffs are bigger and better! The long fluffy fox fur will make a statement whether you're out on the town or skiing down the slopes!

The best part is all of our Fox Fur Earmuffs are now made in the USA and we’re loving the quality!

2. Shades of Green

Whether you prefer an earthy green or vibrant neon green is back this year! We’re very excited for the natural green colors like fern and moss to make a big statement this year!

Two women sit on a bench in a store one wearing dark olive frost rex rabbit fur gloves and a matching headband and one wearing blueberry rex rabbit fur gloves and a matching headband.

Here at Surell we’re celebrating the green trend with our olive frost green rex rabbit fur headband and matching olive frost green rex rabbit fur gloves!

Our accessories allow you to embrace the green style trend without having to purchase a whole new wardrobe!

3. Bringing Outfits to Life with Sparkle

Sequins and Rhinestones aren’t going anywhere! Stylists like Grace Thomas mention that sparkles are going to continue to bring outfits to life in 2023!

This is great news for our faux fur lovers because our stylish faux fur fox earmuffs come on a bling band in natural blue, gray with yellow tip, and black!

A woman is wearing a pair of natural blue faux fox fur earmuffs with a tan bling band.

These earmuffs combine the trend of oversized accessories with the added sparkle to make the perfect 2023 accessory! Something shiny may also be coming with our new spring product line so make sure you stay tuned for that!

4. Men’s Wear Reimagined for Women

In 2023 we’re reimagining how women can wear men’s wear in the workplace! From neutral colored oversized sweater vest to something more classic like our vintage inspired wool cabbie hats this year women will be rethinking men's fashion.

Woman in a sherpa coat wearing a brown and blue vintage style cabbie hat.

We’re living for the idea of using men’s fashion to elevate women’s work looks! Our italian cabbie hats are the perfect amount of vintage style combined with modern techniques and will look stunning at the office!

5. Elevated Everyday Wear

The final fashion trend we’re excited about for 2023 is elevated everyday wear! Vogue says that we should all be on the lookout for everyday staples that are a little more refined!

This is great news for all of the members of the Surell Accessories family as we focus on creating elevated everyday accessories to elevate your closet and style!

Dark haired woman wearing pink mink pom earrings from surell.

A great example of that is our mink pom earrings! Dangle earrings are an easy way to spice up your everyday look! Our mink pom earrings are a super cute and fashionable add on to add just a little more fun!

Let us know what 2023 fashion trends you are most looking forward to in our comments on Instagram!