Happy Birthday Elvis!

Posted by Surell Accessories on Jan 8th 2021

Happy birthday to the King of Rock and Roll! Most people know elvis as a man of music, singing and acting, but we see him as a fashion legend. Elvis pushed and broke so many boundaries when it came to the world of 50’s, 60’s and 70’s fashion. From cool leather jackets to sparkly jumpsuits to posh fur coats and collars, this was a man with style for sure. To celebrate his memory, let’s take a look at some of our favorite fur outfits worn by the King.

Black Rabbit Fur Coat


This sleek black rabbit fur coat, by Martin Bernard, was owned and worn by Elvis. On the way to a show in Las Vegas, he gifted the coat to Patti Perry to keep her warm as it was unexpectedly cold that day.


Coat With Fur Trim and Cape

This bold red coat was worn by Elvis on special occasions. He later gave it to his friend, valet and driver, Richard Davis.


Overcoat with Fur Capelet

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Leave it to Elvis to wear an overcoat with a fur capelet and collar! We believe this outfit can only be pulled off by the King himself!