Which Fur Is Right For Me?

Posted by Surell Accessories on Nov 26th 2020

The cold weather is approaching, and what better way to stay warm is there than fur? Fashionable and functional, fur is a trend that will never go out of style. But, choosing the right fur type can definitely be overwhelming. Follow this guide to make sure you pick the perfect type of fur for you!

Mink Fur


  • Mink fur is at the height of fashion and luxury.
  • Very soft and silky, with a texture like none other.
  •  The fur is short with a unique look.
  • Lightweight and warm for easy all-day wear!

Fox Fur

Fox Fur

  • It's both stylish and chic.
  • It has long, silky guard hair with a thick, soft under fur.
  • Warm, fluffy, and durable, making it perfect to shield from the cold.
  • It Can be dyed in a variety of ways, giving it endless color opportunities.
  • Great for standing out and making a statement!

Rex Rabbit Fur


  • Very fashionable and can be easily paired with any outfit.
  • It's incredibly soft and plush.
  • Generally more affordable than other real fur types
  • Short Hair for a more subtle but luxurious look.
  • Lightweight, so it's easy for all day wear!

Faux Fur

Faux Fur

  • It's incredibly versatile and fashionable with a great variety of faux fur types.
  • Faux fur is cheaper than real fur.
  • Soft, warm, and durable. Great for the cold weather!
  • It comes in a variety of fur lengths and styles, so you're sure to find your perfect faux fur match!